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20th April 2015

Food & Wine Tours

Greek-Cypriot food and drink is largely identical to Greek food. However, Cypriots themselves consider their cuisine to be far superior and point out differences, both in quality and sometimes in ingredients. So, for example, the Cypriot koupepia (stuffed vine leaves) contain minced meat as well as rice, whereas the Greek equivalent (dolmades) don’t. That said, all the old Greek favourites will be found in most restaurants on the island – moussaka, souvlakia, stifado, kléftiko, sheftalia, keftedes, goubes, kotopoulo and above all mezé, together with dips such as tzatziki, taramasalata and humus. If you’re after traditional Greek food, look out for the presence of a large domed


One thought on “Food & Wine Tours

  • Laura
    on 21st April 2015

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